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Process control automation

Reliable, safety and profitable – that is the production you need. To ensure that you meet all your targets you should take all the processes under control.  By introducing process control system for electrical equipment together with Engineer One team you will minimize human factor impact and improve production quality and reduce raw material costs.

What We Do

To design and implement the Process Control System for your enterprise Engineer One team will deliver:

  • facility survey;
  • design of automatic process control system with automation degree definition for each facility;
  • software and hardware package selection;
  • system field tests;
  • development of design specifications, estimates and operational documentation;
  • equipment supply and installation;
  • comprehensive testing of the system;
  • metrological certification of the automated process control system;
  • acceptance testing;
  • training for operational staff;
  • warranty and after-sales service for the system.

Your Results

  • improved safety and operational integrity of the facilities;
  • reduced failure rate, accident damage, accident elimination period;
  • reduced economic losses;
  • monitoring of electric power quality;
  • increased economic efficiency of production facilities;
  • reduced operation costs and personnel.
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