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“Engineer one” Company

The path to effective energy management is different at each company. Eliminating energy loss and local improvements. Upgrading existing energy infrastructure to meet growing production needs and current safety and environmental requirements. Or even construction of the cogeneration plant on-site to ensure total self-sufficiency in energy.

I believe that only individual approach in conjunction with high competence, precision in quality and safety really matter. The “Engineer One” team has all that and even more.

Build on site Heat and Power Plants and industrial gasses production
Improve the performance and efficiency of energy equipment
Ensure reliability and safety of energy infrastructure
Make your production facilities more environment-friendly
EPC COMPANY for energy issues

From greenfield project to local system upgrades we are a competent EPC contractor.

Our key focus areas:

Need to ensure self-sufficiency in energy at your enterprise? Or planning to expand the capacity of your energy infrastructure to meet the growing production demands? Engineer One can help you do this, from Investment Feasibility Study to facility start-up operations.

As an EPC contractor, we guarantee you outstanding technical solution, its fair price, high quality of implementation as well as perfect timing of the project.

Focus Areas
Energy facilities construction and establishment of company’s energy infrastructure on EPC basis.
Our Clients
Our solutions are deployed in Russia's leading companies and make their business more sustainable by ensuring the efficient use of energy resources and providing the complete safety of energy infrastructure.
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Trust us with your project and we will help your business become more profitable.

Our Partners

Our company has started construction of Сombined Thermal Oil and Hot Water Heating Plant for Galichsky Plywood Factory. The facility is owned by Segezha Group,...

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141402, 25 Leningradskaya St., Khimki