Head Office: 127521, Sheremetyevskaya street, 47, Moscow
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The human resources, technical, and production capabilities of the company enable us to independently perform the full range of activities for implementing the solutions the company offers, including:

  • design and survey works;
  • surveys of energy infrastructure facilities;
  • designing;
  • developing and debugging the bottom level (controller) and top level (SCADA, MES) software;
  • delivering all types of heat and power equipment;
  • manufacturing fully shop-assembled engineering units;
  • installing equipment and pre-engineered systems at the facility;
  • acceptance testing;
  • pre-commissioning works;
  • training the customer’s maintenance staff;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

Construction and Installation Management

Engineer One’s mobile installation team will ensure the installation of equipment and modular systems, as well as their pre-commissioning at the enterprise, in a schedule that is convenient for the customer and strictly on time.