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ORC power generation

DO YOU HAVE low-grade waste heat sources such as steam; hot water; flue gases; air?

ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) power generation is a proven solution for those who want to boost the performance by using waste heat from technological process to generate free and environmentally friendly electric energy.

Organic Rankine Cycle

Organic Rankine Cycle


  • Pulp and Paper plants;
  • Oil & fat industry;
  • Meat-packing plants;
  • Metal industry;
  • Sugar factories;
  • Cement and glass plants;
  • Breweries.


  • Fully automatic operation;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • The use of inexpensive freeze-proof heat mediums instead of water;
  • External installation (operating temperature is down to -50 °C);
  • Silent operation;
  • Long service life: 25+ years.


From feasibility study to a turnkey solution! Engineer One will:

  • Develop the right ORC solution for your plant:
    • Low power: 10-100 kW;
    • Medium power: 100-500 kW;
    • High power: 600-2200 kW and more.
  • Design and develop as-built documents;
  • Supply the equipment and construction materials;
  • Carry out construction and installation works, commissioning and start-up works;
  • Conduct operational stuff training;
  • Provide warranty and post-warranty service.


  • Maximizing use of waste heat;
  • Cutting energy bills for electricity;
  • Cleaner production (without discharge of waste water and chemicals);
  • Short payback period.
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