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Advanced control solutions for steam production and distribution systems


Utilities must be safe and reduce costs while ensuring high performance and operational excellence. While managing your steam system you have to balance the requirements of all processes and applications at demand peaks and intermittent steam consumption. Intelligent control solutions for steam production and distribution system will supplement traditional process control system to reduce production risks, increase safety and maximize the use of utilities at any moment.

Engineer One presents

Automated control of heat supply systems E1 SYSTEM
System Optimization and Dynamic Control of All Thermal Processes

What We Do

The ENGINEER ONE team will be your proactive partner to design advanced control system for steam system at your plant and to drive the implementation:

  • comprehensive examination of the Heat Supply system;
  • calculating thermal and hydraulic parameters of operating heat supply networks to identify areas with maximum losses;
  • analyzing the operation of the heat supply system across its scheduled modes. Determining bottlenecks;
  • developing measures to ensure energy efficiency and environmental safety;
  • developing operation scenarios for the Industrial Heat Supply System;
  • upgrading the heat supply system considering the option of automatic control;
  • development and implementation of automated control of heat supply systems;
  • development of a self-adapting automatic control system;
  • providing staff training;
  • providing service warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the system.

Your Benefits

  • uninterrupted supply of steam to all consumers;
  • reduced risks of accidents and incidents;
  • all power utilities are used to the fullest;
  • reduction of heat losses by 10 to 15 %.
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