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Biomass cogeneration plant construction

Production waste from the timber processing industry, agriculture and agroindustrial complex is a valuable energy resource that will allow you to meet the needs of the enterprise for electricity and heat for heating and technological processes.

CHP plant or boiler house operating on biomass from Engineer One:

  • thermal performance – up to 150 tons of steam per hour/E, electric – up to 25 MW
  • advanced combustion technology
  • fuel: bark, chips, sawdust, plywood, sunflower husks, olive oil cake, rice husks, chicken manure, sludge, sorted garbage
  • disposal of waste with high humidity and ash content
  • boilers with an efficiency above 88%

What We Do

As a System Integrator of the leading European manufacturer of boiler equipment Richard Kablitz GMbH (Germany) in the Russian Federation, Engineer One will become your dedicated partner and general contractor for waste to energy thermal power station. To cover all cycle we DO:

  • examine the facility;
  • develop the right solution and accurate feasibility study;
  • design technical specifications and elaborate all working documentation;
  • select core and auxiliary equipment to meet your needs and fit in budget;
  • supply all necessary construction materials equipment and spare parts;
  • carry out all construction and installation activities;
  • carry out pre-comissioning tests and complete commissioning activities;
  • make a trial operation;
  • provide personnel training;
  • provide warranty and post-warranty service and service support.

Your Result

  • reduce the cost of energy purchase;
  • efficient disposal of production waste;
  • environment friendly generation.
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