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Industrial heat supply systems upgrade


As a vital part of industrial energy infrastructure heat supply and distribution system has to be cost effective while ensuring high performance, operational excellence and safety.

To achieve this at an operating plant Engineer One offers efficient solutions tailored to improve the heat supply system:

  • steam/condensate distribution network optimization;
  • fully automated steam supply management system;
  • waste heat boilers/flue gas economizers;
  • cogeneration;
  • process integration;
  • pressure powered condensate return systems/Closed loop condensate recovery from heat exchangers;
  • steam expansion turbines;
  • inclusion of alternative heat recovery processes such as heat pumps and heat transformers.

What We Do

The ENGINEER ONE’s team will be your dedicated partner in design and implementation of reliable solutions for sustainable growth. To cover the entire project cycle we DO:

  • examine the facility and define areas for upgrade and technical re-equipping;
  • design technical specifications and engineering solutions;
  • accurate feasibility study;
  • upgrade or new facility detailed design;
  • supply and installation of equipment;
  • carry out complete commissioning activities;
  • provide service warranty and post-warranty maintenance of heat energy systems and equipment.

Your Result

  • uninterrupted supply of steam to all consumers;
  • higher efficiency of heat generation and utilization processes;
  • reduction of heat losses;
  • increased overhaul period;
  • cutting energy bill.
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