Head Office: 141402, 25 Leningradskaya St., Khimki


Valmet (Finland) is the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. The company has R&D centers and production facilities all over the world. At the moment Valmet automation systems are implemented at 1200 power stations.

As a partner of Valmet Engineer One will design and implement advanced automation solutions to face the energy and technological challenges of your facility.

Engineer One can implement the following elements of the Valmet DNA complex automation system at your facility:

  • Valmet DNA Steam Manager (steam management system)*;
  • Valmet DNA Energy Management (energy management system);
  • Valmet DNA Fuel Data Management (fuel management system);
  • Valmet DNA Standard Emission Monitoring (environmental monitoring system).

* Automated control of heat supply systems E1 SYSTEM is unique complex solution for system optimization and dynamic control of all thermal processes that reduces heat losses by 10-15% and makes the infrastructure absolutely safe.