Cogeneration plant construction


You have growing production and your energy requirements grow every year. But you have resources to meet them. Cogeneration plant provides high value heat – at the temperatures and pressures required by industry – along with electricity that you can use for internal needs or deliver to external electricity network and get additional revenue.

What We Do

The ENGINEER ONE’s team will define and design solution that is right for you specific needs and will take over all project activities to deliver the result that will increase your performance and efficiency:

  • examine infrastructure facilities and provide recommendations on site improvements;
  • develop the right solution and accurate feasibility study;
  • design technical specifications  and elaborate all working documentation;
  • select core and auxiliary equipment to meet your needs and fit in budget;
  • supply all necessary construction materials equipment and spare parts;
  • carry out all construction and installation activities;
  • carry out pre-comissioning tests and complete commissioning activities;
  • make a trial operation;
  • provide personnel training;
  • provide service warranty and post-warranty maintenance of cogeneration plant.

Your benefits:

  • independent power source with a total capacity of up to 50 MW to meet your internal power needs;
  • effective use of the heat generated in the main industrial processes;
  • reducing payments for electricity, heat and gas;
  • reducing the costs of connecting to external grids;
  • reducing emissions;
  • opportunity of selling electricity to third-party consumers.