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Industrial water cooling systems


The costs of industrial water cooling are significant and can be unjustified when using outdated technologies or water circulation systems with high depreciation. Time and money that the company spends on maintaining the operability of the out-of-date cooling equipment and excessive consumption of energy resources can be used more efficiently in your production.

For your specific needs we offer different solutions for efficient water cooling:

  • reconstruction of old cooling towers with the preservation of their basins;
  • new recirculating water systems construction;
  • automation systems for cooling towers;
  • automation systems for water recirculation in general.

What We do

Engineer One team will take the project implementation under total control to deliver perfect result. Our scope of services includes:

  • site survey;
  • design engineering;
  • dismantling of old equipment;
  • procurement and supply of equipment and materials;
  • installation of new equipment;
  • commissioning of the equipment;
  • on-site staff training;
  • warranty and service.

Your Result

  • in-plant recirculating system that reduces your energy bill;
  • water saving;
  • reduced energy consumption;
  • increased reliability of the production cycle;
  • reduced expenses for equipment diagnostics;
  • reduced installation and repair costs.
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