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One of the largest Russian territorial generating companies (TGC). The Quadra Group includes 19 power stations and 275 boiler stations in 11 regions of the Central Federal District. The company’s total installed power capacity stands at 2,862.2 MW, while its heat capacity stands at 13,454.3 Gcal/h.

As a major supplier of energy, Quadra strives to meet the growing needs of the Central Federal District. Therefore, its technical re-equipment, reconstruction and development program is aimed at improving the reliability of power equipment, ensuring the safety and efficiency of production, improving the quality of power supply to consumers, and increasing the output of heat and electricity.

The Engineer One team is involved in improving the efficiency of heating equipment, the reliability of power equipment, and in ensuring production safety for Schyokinskaya SDPP, Aleksinskaya CHPP, Efremovskaya CHPP, Novomoskovskaya SDPP, Orlovskaya CHPP, Livenskaya CHPP, and Dyagilevskaya CHPP.