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М+М Turbinen Technik GMbH

М+М Turbinen-Technik GmbH (Germany) is a manufacturer for customized steam turbines with a performance range of 0.2 to 20 MW. The Company offers backpressure and condensing turbines with multiple controlled or uncontrolled extractions and/or inductions.

For our partner in ENERGY EFFICIENT STEAM REDUCTION and Biomass power generation projects Engineer One chooses M+M Turbinen-Technik GmbH, because:

  • each M+M steam turbine is a 100% customized product that ideally meets customer´s requirements. The company approach is individual design and construction to ensure that the new turbine integrates smoothly into the overall process and delivers the most efficient solution for the customer;
  • M+M turbines is a quality product which comes to 100% from Germany. The company has a long term relationship with the best suppliers for the individual components of the turbine and guarantees quality and flexibility to the wishes of the customer;
  • for more than 20 years M+M has been proving their competence in the field of steam turbines and process technology all over the world;
  • M+M has a reliable after-sale service which supports the customer also after a successful commissioning.

As a Distributor and Systems Integrator of M+M Turbinen Technik GmbH, Engineer One will provide consulting, design, engineering, assembling, commissioning and service in EPC projects with M+M turbines.