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Установки по производству технических газов
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Technical gases generation systems

Insufficient control over the quality and stability of gas supply is a risk for the production process and direct losses due to production defects and, as a result, to fines initiated by the consumer. On-site industrial gas generator is a cost-effective solution to meet your production requirements consistently with a proper gas quality and reasonable price.

Engineer One will design and deliver customized plants for on-site generating of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, compressed air:

  • PSA generators;
  • electrolysis units;
  • compressors;
  • cryogenic plants.

For your specific needs Engineer One will provide:

  • out-of-date production facilities upgrade;
  • new gas generating plants to existing plants;
  • replacement of gas storage tanks;
  • new sites for gas generating equipment for increasing capacity.

What We Do

Engineer One will become your reliable partner for the introduction of gas-generating systems for the production of various technical gases (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.). As an EPC company to cover all project we carry out the following tasks:

  • site survey;
  • development of detailed design specifications and estimates;
  • carrying out the necessary examinations;
  • delivery of main and auxiliary equipment;
  • construction and installation works;
  • commissioning of equipment and putting it into operation;
  • training of the operational staff;
  • warranty and service;
  • technical support.

Your Result

  • improved characteristics of produced gases (purity up to 99.9998% and higher);
  • increased service life of the equipment (through the production of ultra-pure gas);
  • high-maneuverability equipment (from 1 to 100%);
  • saving on commissioning and repair of equipment;
  • long service life of gas generators (25 years and more);
  • decrease in main production equipment downtime and fewer interruptions in gas supply;
  • full automation of the gas production process.
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