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Low-grade heat recovery systems

Low-grade heat is a valuable and “almost free” energy resource, generated in production processes as a result of consumption and conversion of thermal energy:

  • fluids with temperature below 100 °C;
  • steam with temperature below 300 °C;
  • gas with temperature over 100 °C.

Low-grade heat in sufficient quantities is available in many industries and can be used for:

  • space and water heating for makeup of technological systems or preliminary deaeration;
  • recycling in technological process;
  • heat supply of facilities remote from sources of cheap fuel;
  • cooling liquids and process media;
  • air conditioning.

Engineer One develops and implements efficient low-grade heat utilization systems:

  • condensate recovery systems;
  • heat pumps;
  • absorption refrigeration systems.

What We Do

Engineer One team will develop a low-grade heat recovery system that is optimal for solving the energy problems of your enterprise. To implement the proposed solution on “turnkey” basis we perform:

  • front-end engineering and development of key technical solutions;
  • feasibility study of the proposed solution;
  • detailed engineering and preparation of design and estimate documentation;
  • equipment supply;
  • construction / installation activities;
  • commissioning of the installed equipment and putting it into operation;
  • customer’s personnel training;
  • warranty and maintenance service.

Your Result

  • reduce primary heat production and fuel consumption;
  • eliminate the costs of cooling spent technical media before discharging them into the atmosphere or sewer;
  • reduce the total energy consumption of the enterprise.

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