HAZОР – hazard and operability study


The list of industrial hazards is frightening. Every year fires and explosions bring companies tremendous loss- material and human. The only way to avoid it is establishing safety policies and procedures, and then ensuring they are implemented carefully.

The first step to develop these policies is to identify all potential hazards in equipment and process by carrying out a hazard and operability (HAZOP) study. It is a cutting edge approach in industrial safety. Both for a newly constructed entity or operating facility HAZOP study made by Engineer One team will help you establish rules and procedures to make you production safe and reliable.

What We Do

The ENGINEER ONE will become your dedicated consultant on safety and will ensure proper procedure of HAZOP study including:

  • creating a special working team for every study;
  • identifying potential hazards in the system and potential system operability problems;
  • developing survey report in accordance with Russian industrial standards;
  • consulting and advice on safety issues.

What You Get

  • proper understanding of your hazards and operability problems and the ways to identify and eliminate it;
  • the plan for further investigation in the areas of the most uncertainty;
  • detailed guidelines on how to minimize the impact of identified design and construction mistakes;
  • advice on specific aspects of maintenance and operation.