Electrical infrastructure upgrade and reconstruction


Dramatic depreciation of electrical power supply facilities multiplied by low efficiency and performance is a true barrier for national economy growth. Growing demand for higher electric capacities is driven by Industrial expansions and urban growth. There is no doubt that safe and stable power supply with reasonable operational costs become vital. The answer is electrical infrastructure upgrade that will make your facilities meet your growing requirements and financial goals.

What We Do

The ENGINEER ONE’s team will be your partner in design and implementation of reliable solutions for performance boost. To cover the entire project cycle we DO:

  • examine the current facility;
  • work out an upgrade concept, technical specifications and general engineering solutions schemes;
  • design upgrade or new facility construction project, including:
    • master plan,
    • route space planning diagrams for a linear facility,
    • architectural solutions,
    • structural solutions,
    • layout solutions for switchgear ,
    • internal electrical power supply projects,
    • internal low current system projects including relay protection and automatic equipment, automated measuring and information system for electric power fiscal metering, automated process control system,
    • construction planning,
    • specification and estimation,
  • supply and install equipment;
  • carry out pre-commissioning activities;
  • provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the system.

What You Get (Your Benefits)

  • guaranteed electrical power supply for current users including first category users;
  • additional electric power capacity to supply new consumers;
  • integrated automation with protection relays and automation equipment;
  • high-quality commercial electricity consumption metering and management;
  • monitoring of control, condition, diagnostics of equipment;
  • reduction of costs on equipment operation;
  • safe labor conditions for operating personnel.