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When used on process equipment, before reaching the consumer, steam undergoes a series of transformations, each leading to a loss of energy, and hence money.

Engineer One will design and deliver energy-efficient steam reduction system to generate additional electrical and mechanical energy for the needs of your enterprise in the process of reducing steam parameters.

Energy-efficient steam reduction system is a customized solution with a power range from 100 kW to 20 MW and applicable for the processes with steam pressure from 13 MPa to 0.7 MPa and temperature from 560 0С to 170 0С.

What We Do

Engineer One will find the right solution to meet your special requirements and deliver  on turnkey basis. To cover all cycle we carry out:

  • facility survey;
  • development of the energy consumption balance of the enterprise and basic technical solutions;
  • feasibility study of proposed solutions;
  • integrated design;
  • supply, installation and commissioning of equipment;
  • operational staff training;
  • warranty and post-warranty service.

Your Result

  • maximal use of steam energy;
  • additional source of electric energy for your enterprise;
  • ensuring uniform load for steam boiler house production.

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